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Is the relationship between the child and the parent who does not directly raise such child terminat

  • Time:2020-07-03
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Article 36 of the Marriage Law explicitly states: "The relationship between the parents and any child shall not be terminated due to the divorce of the parents. Any child shall remain the child of both parents regardless of whether such child is raised by either parent after the divorce of its parents. Both parents shall still have the rights and obligations to raise and educate their child(ren) after their divorce." Therefore, the parent-child relationship between the child(ren) and either parent who does not directly raise such child(ren) and their rights and obligations (such as those in respect of maintenance, support, inheritance, etc., ) still survive. Neither shall the parent who does not directly raise the child(ren) refuse to undertake the corresponding obligations on the ground that he/she does not directly raise such child(ren), nor shall the parent who directly raises the child(ren) deprive or restrict the rights of the other parent on the ground that the other parent does not directly raise such child(ren). Accordingly, no child may refuse to bear his/her obligations to support either parent who didn't directly raise such a child on the ground that they do not live together.

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