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The way a professional divorce lawyer answers divorce-related question

  • Time:2018-01-29
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The way a professional divorce lawyer answers divorce-related questions
1. Lawyers will give advice only after understanding the whole story of the client’s marriage, children, and community property.
2. In addition to answering the client’s questions, the lawyer may also consult the client from the following three aspects:
I. Analysis for the client of the possible legal results of the case based on the information the client has provided.
II. According to the practical operation, to consult the client about the differences that may exist between the aforementioned legal results and the most likely results, problems that may arise from the results, solutions for solving these problems and the attitude and preparations the client should have.
III. After consultation, the client should understand how to achieve the purpose, the client needs to get prepared; the client needs to understand the general information of the legal procedure, the time required and the economic costs.
3. A good lawyer will not just respond to the client’s questions, but would also analyze the purpose of the question and the real needs of the client, a good lawyer will target at solving the client’s problem not just responding to the client’s question. A good lawyer will remind the client that whether "the couple's marriage has indeed irrecoverably broken down" is the basic principle of whether the court will rule divorce.
4. The law forbids a lawyer to guarantee the result of the case and a Lawyer should never guarantee the result of the case. 
5. When consulting a client, a lawyer would generally make records so as to keep clear the case when providing follow-up legal services to the client, as well as for the filing of the case to the law office.
6. With the client’s consent, the lawyer shall take down the client’s contact information, including backup contact information, for further contact.
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