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Reasons Why the Father Shall be the Custodian

  • Time:2018-01-05
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Reasons Why the Father Shall be the Custodian 
There are some situations  in which the mother is not suitable for raising the child,  where the father is more suitable for raising the child; the lawyer of the father may collect evidence to convince the judge that the father is in a better position to raise the child instead of the mother in situations like the following: 
1. The mother has a vicious contagious disease or some other serious diseases.
2. The woman does not usually go home, and she always fails to take care of the child.
3. The father has done a sterilization operation or he lost the ability to give birth to another child.
4. The man is too old that he is unlikely to have another child.
5. The mother has unhealthy hobbies that may affect the child negatively.
6. The mother does not have a stable income to raise the child. 
7. There are other factors that supporting that living with the father is more suitable for the child.
The lawyer can investigate and collect evidence from the parents of the parties to support the parties and the parties ‘parents of their attitude of raising the child and how they plan to raise the child. The financial situation, the attitude and the history about how the child has been taken care of, are all important factors that the lawyer would pay attention to.  
If the other party has some other child to support, evidence regarding the difficulties of raising more than one child shall also be valued by the lawyer and make the court be aware of such difficulties. 
The party who is not living with the child shall pay child support fee for the child, mainly periodically. The child support fee shall include the cost of children's living expenses, education, medical expenses.

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