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Background information a divorce lawyer needs to know about child custody case

  • Time:2018-01-05
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Background information a divorce lawyer needs to know  about child custody case
Child custody is an important part during the divorce proceeding. There are, generally, a lot of disputes regarding who shall be the custodian and how much the other party who is not the custodian shall pay as the child support fee. There are cases in which both parties want to be the custodian.  There are also cases in which neither of the parties wants to be the custodian. Lawyers acting on behalf of its client for child custody disputes shall investigate and collect evidence to prove the following facts:
(1) The basic situation of the related child, including whether the child is born in wedlock or out of wedlock, whether it’s a stepchild or even a foster child etc.,
(2) The basic supporting information for the child, namely, how this child has been raised; who has been raising the child and taking care of the child, the living status of the child and the tendency of the child about who they would choose to be their custodian;
(3) Various factors that are beneficial to and disadvantageous to the raising of children by the parties to the dispute;
(4) The actual needs of a child for his/her living and the local general standard of living;
(5) As for the dispute over the change of child custody after divorce and the change of child custody after divorce, the lawyer also needs to know the original divorce method and the factual basis for changing the custody of children;
(6) The supporting ability and opinions of both parties regarding supporting the children.

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