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How to Win a Case of Change of Child Custody Case

  • Time:2018-01-05
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How to Win a Case of Change of Child Custody Case    
When one party sues for a change of custody, the lawyer shall provide evidence of a valid reason, and justification for the change.
(1) A party living with his children cannot continue to raise the children due to illness or disability;
(2) The party who lives with the children does not fulfil his or her obligation to raise the child or the party conducted any child abuse activities, or there could be a detrimental effect on the health of their children if the child continues to live with the party;
(3) The child who is more than 10 years old wishes to live with the other party and the latter has the ability to raise the children directly;
(4) There are other legitimate reasons supporting the change of the custodian. For Example, if the party living with their children is convicted of a crime, arrested, or sentenced to prison for a long period of time which makes it impossible for the party to raise the child.
(5)  It’s a general principle that a child during its lactation shall stay with the mother unless the mother agrees that the child be with the father. If, however, the father wants to raise the child, the lawyer can collect evidence regarding the following situations: The mother suffers from long-standing diseases or other serious diseases, and her children should therefore not live together with the mother, the mother does not raise the child, even though she is capable of supporting the child, or there is any other reason that the child shall not live with the mother.
(6)  If the child is over the age of 2, and both parents request  to raise the child, the requesting party shall provide evidence to prove that he or she has advantages against the other party to raise the child, the child is willing to live with him or her and he or she has the ability to raise the child. 

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