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How to collect evidence against the other party for child custody as a father

  • Time:2018-01-05
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How to collect evidence against the other party for child custody  as a father
Because of the natural intimacy of women and children, the mother could be slightly more preferred for child custody. Therefore, as a father, you should collect as much evidence as possible for child custody:
1.  The mother has a vicious infectious disease or another major disease. Therefore, on one hand, she cannot take good care of their children.  On the other hand, the health of the child may also be affected; 
2.  The mother does not return home often, she may not be able to behave as a good mother.  If a mother cannot be with the child at home, the offers to the children could be very limited.  
3. The father has had a sterilization operation or loss of fertility.
4. The father is old and there is a lower chance of having a second child, while the mother is in a better state of fertility.
5. The mother has bad habits that may affect the children's physical or mental health.
6. The income of the mother is low, or her work is not stable. Without a good income situation, the level of the living condition of the child could be affected negatively. 
7. The children have been living together with the father during the separation or their kindergarten or school located in the area near the father’s apartment and they have become familiar with the environment. 

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