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What documents are needed for hiring a Chinese lawyer for the divorce in China

  • Time:2018-01-05
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What documents are needed for hiring a Chinese lawyer for the divorce in China
For a divorce involving Chinese citizen who is staying abroad or foreigners outside of China, the following documents are generally required for the legal proceedings:
1. If an overseas Chinese citizen or a foreigner entrusts a Chinese lawyer to act as his or her divorce attorney, the relevant legal documents such as the power of attorney, the letter of divorce opinion, the identity documents of the client, and other relevant legal documents need to be properly notarized and authenticated.
2.  In a divorce lawsuit for an overseas Chinese citizen, the legal documents that need to be submitted to the court are as stated below:
i.  Copy of the client's ID card
ii. Copy of client's passport and visa;
iii. Signature of the client and special power of attorney authenticated by the Chinese embassy in the country in which he or she is located;
iv. The signed complaint or answer with the signature of the client authenticated by the Chinese embassy in the host country;
v.  Marriage certificate;
3. If the court where the case is accepted requires a client's identity card and a passport certification, the lawyer will submit it accordingly;
4. Lawyers entrusted by a foreigner, acting on behalf of the client for his or her lawsuits, shall provide the following documents to the competent court:
i.  Notarized and authenticated passport of the client;
ii. Notarized and authenticated power of attorney with special authorization power signed by the client. If the power of attorney is in a foreign language, a translation shall be obtained from the competent translation agency designated by the people's court where the case is located;
iii. Notarized and authenticated complaint or answer signed by the client. Such complaint and answer shall be in Chinese or they shall be attached with a translation version translated by a competent translation agency designated by the court.
iv. Marriage certificate issued by Chinese marriage registration office.
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