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Tips for divorce lawyers participating in the divorce mediation

  • Time:2018-01-05
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Tips for divorce lawyers participating in the divorce mediation
1, Bring the lawyer license and letter of power of attorney
Bring the lawyer license and power of attorney shows that the lawyer is to perform the representative’s duties as a lawyer, rather than showing up as a friend or relative. In many cases, the mediation phase is a phase where the case is about to resort to the serious legal proceeding. Each party is often upset or even fearful in their communication with a lawyer. The lawyer may smile at the time of presenting the lawyer's license as a start to go to the next step of communication.
2, Chose a proper time and place
The best choice is working time at daytime. The law firm shall be the preferred place as it may help both parties to calm down in a law firm comparing with a public place. The law firm can also be the best place to keep both parties’ privacy. The law firm can provide easy access to the internet and printers, if an agreement is about to be entered into, both parties can just sign it in the office.
If the place is a coffee shop, it better be a place where a printer can be used or at least a place where an individual room can be used for privacy protection. It’s worth noticing that the home of one party’s home could be sensitive, especially when the client is not the same gender of the attorney, if the party’s home is the only option, it shall then be daytime rather than night time. If it must be a night time, two lawyers to go together is suggested.
3. Control of the process
During the process, the lawyer should be calm even in the situation of provoking languages or activities. In a situation where one of the parties is emotionally charged, the lawyer should try to keep the other party restrained instead of irritating each other. During the process of mediation, lawyers should always take resolving disputes between the parties and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of the client as their own sacred duties.

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