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Withdrawal of Invalid Marriage

  • Time:2021-07-14
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Cases of the annulment of marriage, generally involve the interests of a third person, or related to the interests of the public. Therefore, it is necessary to give full play to the role of the law's intervention to restrict the procedural rights of the parties in the proceedings to a certain extent. 
Invalid Marriage and Bigamy
The provisions of Article 8 of Interpretation 1 of the Marriage Law shall refer to the situations where marriage is relatively invalid due to "medical diseases existing before marriage, which have not been cured after marriage" and "under the legal age of marriage" as stipulated in Article 10 of the Marriage Law, and shall not include "bigamy". Bigamy violates monogamy, goes against public order and good customs, and is an illegal act that is prohibited by law. Once bigamy occurs, the marriage relationship between the parties is termed invalid due to violation of the law's prohibitive provisions. Even if bigamy disappears as a result of the change of status of previous invalid marriage at the time of application, the subsequent marriage should be declared null and void.
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