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Evidence collection direction for Child Custody

  • Time:2018-01-05
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Evidence collection direction for Child Custody
The lawyer shall understand the following thing for child custody and the proper amount of child support fee:
1. Child's name, gender and time of birth.
2. How the child has been taken care of after birth, the situation of both parties and their parents, the attitude of the parties and their parents regarding child custody.
3. the current state of a child’s life, nursery, the address of the school the child is studying in.
4.  The willingness of the child regarding whom the child is willing to live with if the child is more than 10 years old.
5. Income and educational background information of both parties and even their parents as far as their parents are concerned.
6. Whether any party has bad habits or physical and mental health issue for living with the child.
Regarding who shall be in a favorable position to have the custody, the attorney would collect evidence regarding the following factors:
1. Whether the child is still under two years old, if the child is under 2, the default rule is that the mother would be the custodian unless she is not suitable due to certain circumstances by law.
2.  Whether any party has done sterilization operation.
3.  Whether the children have always been staying with the mother.
4.  Whether the income of the mother is relatively stable.
5. The educational background of the mother.
6. The personality of the mother.
7, Whether there is any bad habit of the father, such as gambling, drinking or other bad habits that could be harmful to the child.
8. Whether the father is liable for the marriage breakdown.
9. The willingness of the child regarding whom the child wants to live with.
10. Whether there are any other factors regarding who is in a better position to raise the child.

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